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Build vs Buy: What to consider when Choosing a Freelancer Management System

As freelancers make up ever-greater portions of the creative talent pool, companies are grappling with how to integrate them into the workforce in an efficient, productive, compliant way. From onboarding to collaboration to payment, businesses need systems in place to keep workflows running smoothly. This is why Gartner has highlighted Freelance Management Systems (FMS) as a technology “on the rise.” Companies are recognizing the need for structured freelance management, but that still leaves the question of whether to build a system or buy one.

Get insights and strategies to: 

  • Understand the different approaches to building an FMS, from starting from scratch to hacking existing systems.
  • Break down the advantages and disadvantages to building versus buying to make the right choice for your team
  • Identify how and why buying an FMS can save you time and money, boost productivity, and help maintain security and compliance.
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