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Buyer's Guide: Freelance Management Platform and System

Businesses across industries are moving towards “blended” workforces, where freelancers play a critical role. Whether your company works with 100 freelancers or 10,000, it’s essential that those freelancers are organized and there are processes in place to keep workflows running smoothly. This Kalo Buyers Guide outlines how an FMS can help employers identify the right freelancers for the job, bring all relevant freelancer information into one centralized place, ensure all the relevant documents are signed, process invoices, and maintain compliance, boosting productivity and efficiency along the way.

This guide will outline what an FMS is, who needs one, and how an FMS can benefit your business. 

With this guide, get insights and strategies into to: 

  • Why you should use a Freelance Management System
  • The features a Freelance Management System should have
  • How to find the right Freelance Management System for your needs


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